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Robert, Danelle, Leavi, Jaydn, Kole and Kyzen

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Firm a Foundation!!!!!!

This was my Favorite part of Dance festival after the dancing! I just cried and cried to see 2000 youth and 4000 audience members sing together!So sad this is only parts of it...UGH!


This stinks because it cuts off but Leavi is forth girl from the front far right row...she did FABULOUS and now wants to follow in aunt Lindsay's footsteps and do Ballroom dance at BYU!

The Swing! Jaydn and Leavi did this one but the camera was just barely to far can glimpse Jay now and again,

Jaydn did tricks in this one where he swung the girl back and forth on his hip, his back hurt for days every time they practiced this!

Disco...Leavi was in this but I don't see her in this was awesome!

These are the 16-18 year olds but Leavi got asked to fill in and she did MARVELOUS!

Dance Festival 2010 A Firm Foundation

I chose this clip because Leavi is right out front third from the right. There are better ones for the effect of 2000...that's right 2000!!!!!!!!!! youth running out onto that field. It was AMAZING! I wish I could get my computer to load my many, many pictures! I went to all 3 sessions of the festival and enjoyed it more each time. It was a half hour drive each way and I would gladly drive it again just to feel the strong spirit that was there! I can't even believe that the people that coordinated this event did it so perfectly and it went off without a hitch...well one hitch was that Kole got accused, FALSELY, of having drugs...ha ha that is funny... NOT it was some other kid that looked like him and he was "Acquitted". Leavi and Jaydn had the most fun hut I even have pictures of Kole smiling while he was doing his Eye of the tiger dance!Now...just to get these darn pics to load on my diseased computer...UGH!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winchester Bay Quad Trip with the Young's

Memorial Day weekend we went to Winchester bay with the young Family! Jordan and Emily have 2 kids and 3 quads and a Razr! We had a ton of fun doing jumps and the boy, Jaydn , learned how to tip and "roll" a quad:) Kole learn how to do a side wheelie on his friend, Elliot"s, three wheeler. We played in the sand and enjoyed the warm sunshine while everyone else back home had to endure the rain. Robert flew over the handle bars of Jordan's quad when we were playing hide and seek out on the dunes, that was scary to watch his body fly off that machine like a rag doll. He only hurt his ankle a bit but was good to ride the rest of the trip.The Young family is very kind and generous to invite us along twice now and Jaydn was totally in heaven, he now wants quads:)
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hking at Mitchell Creek

After a very long 6 month snowboarding season I am happy to say that I was on the mountain 19 times! Robert has some 36 days under his belt but he teaches and he gets to go every Saturday while I take the kids to where they need to be for church, school and the like.

The last few weeks of the season we went hiking and/or biking afterward in the gorge. the hikes were gorgeous and so great! We were all a bit tired after snowboarding all day and then hiking but the scenery and memories are well worth it.You can see by Kyzen's expression he didn't like being that high up, he gets his fear of heights from me:) sorry son:(

We are now in the go to the beach and surf part of the year..go us! This weekend we are going to Winchester bay for the second time with some friends and we get to go 4 wheeling and surf at our pleasure until late Monday evening. I am determined to take a lot of pictures this time( took not a single one last time). Especially of me paddling on a adventure! It is a LOT harder than it looks...and scary!

See you soon... making it a goal to blog more:)